Brand resources - LOGO of Tcenton

In 2015, in order to start the internationalization process, Tcenton upgraded its brand logo.Add the 'TCENONT' brand to the existing brand.Unify the international image of enterprises.The LOGO of the new brand is modified on the basis of maintaining the original visual features. The integration of both Chinese and English logos makes the body more beautiful, more standardized, more international and the overall image more unified.

 The new logo extends the corporate philosophy

       The whole shape is more stable and harmonious, reflecting the core concept of "professionalism, integrity, science and technology to protect the future".Balanced and powerful writing highlights the strong R&D strength and excellent product quality, the company with innovative technology and professional experience, is committed to industrial safety production and wireless communication security field, to help build a safe production, harmonious society, determined to become a respected professional company.The new logo carried out the hollow T word design, reflects the meaning of the infinite connection, the design of the word, reflects the professional, top and the day, and the enterprise image, comprehensive design concept, reflects the relationship between the enterprise and customers, the enterprise internal more cohesion and coordination.
       The lively and intelligent form combines the dynamic red and blue colors to show the culture atmosphere of working hard, being positive and maintaining the fun of work.

LOGO graphics and standard colors

standard colors:
Red (Chinese red):colour number   M100 Y100 K10        PANTONE:186 C
Blue: color number   K70       PANTONE :286C  288C
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